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Chroicle Pictures Film & Television Production

Touch and Go

"Touch and Go" - eff Douglas as Darcy, Ellen Page as Trish103 min. 2002
35mm colour

Jeff Douglas
Patricia Zentilli
Stephen Sharkey

Michael Melski

Scott Simpson

Craig Cameron
Graeme Gunn

Associate Producer:
Evangelo Kioussis

Executive Producer:
Bill Niven

Darcy McManus is 28-going-on-15 and has it all: a great circle of friends, good looks and charm to spare, and a carefree summer job as a tour guide that gives him access to a stream of beautiful women. But it’s all coming to an end. His friends are moving on to real-life careers, he’s noticing his first gray hairs, and his tour business is going under. To make it worse, Darcy’s long buried infatuation with his best friend Lynn threatens to destroy the circle of friends. With only a week left in the last summer of his life, Darcy tries desperately to fight the onset of adulthood, and avoid taking the risks he needs to take. Through a quirky and unpredictable series of events, Darcy inadvertently hurts those he holds most dear, but finally confronts the truth about life and himself.

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